New DuraBalloons

If you would like a stronger, no helium balloon consider our new DuraBalloons.   Duraballoons are stronger than our Balloon Bobbers.  They do not have a seam and are thicker material.  They also have a rounder shape than Balloon Bobbers.  You can change your Balloon Bobber hardware to DuraBalloons, but you will need a new stem and the heavier metal ground stake.

Because the DuraBalloons are thicker, the hand pump is a must have item to blow up the balloons.  Call us with your questions.

See the DuraBalloon Instructions Video


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DuraBalloon Basic Pole Kit
Get started with DuraBalloons with our basic pole kit.  Made from strong Aluminum, this Long..
DuraBalloon Deluxe Long Pole Kit
Made from strong Aluminum 6061 which is anodized in black, the Long Pole Kit included is composed..
DuraBalloon Angle Bracket Kit
Also known as the A-Frame Bracket, this super tough 21° bracket is made to stand straight on an ..
DuraBalloon Bracket Kit
If you do not need a pole for extension then you may just want a bracket kit.  This extremel..
DuraBalloon Bobber Cluster Kit
A cluster of balloons is better than one! This reinforced cluster pole is thicker and stronger th..
Church DuraBalloon
These helium-free 17" balloons are the World's Strongest Balloon! Specially engineered plastic po..
DuraBallooon Single Light Pole Kit
Light Poles are a perfect place to add attention to your property. The super-sturdy angled bracke..
DuraBalloon Light Pole Kit 4 Pack
Add maximum attention to your property from all angles! The 4-Pack saves you money and delivers m..
DuraBalloon Weighted Base
Do you need to set-up your DuraBalloon® Pole Kit or Cluster Pole Kit on concrete or any other ha..
Hand Foot Pumps
An economical way to inflate your DuraBalloons®. The two-way action of the pump ensures quick in..
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